Evidence of the Unseen Lyrics

"Intellect without the affections can create a monster"

I'll give the moon and the stars to my sons
And the earth and the sea to my bride
You are..
You are..
You are..
You are the breath in me

You are..

The great nexus is intimate, the infections, you are safe

I'll gather the east and the western winds and harness them
And I'll throw every mountain into the sea

We are..
The light
We are..
The illumined ones
We are..
To bask in the sovereignty, and live, and live, in what we see
Resist in what's inside my son
Cross over not that my heart is leading me

Pushed by last, but what is there?
Pushed by light, pushed by my fear
Pushed..Pushed.. Pushed..
Pushed by last, but what is lurking?
It's raining on my soul!

Can your heart do what you love, just try

Listen to me, make a choice
Believing gives you the power to move

You are given a voice, look into your eyes
For the power inside awaits
You will have the strength of a thousand horses
Your ability to breathe
Is the evidence of the unseen

Say the words that part the sky
And the stars will be your compass to eternity
There is no barrier to withstand the love that drives
Hands will rebuild the new reality within

You are the evidence of the unseen
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Specs of Pictures Burnt Beyond (2006)