The Towers of Avarice Lyrics

Armed With The Promise Of Salvation
Countless Monoliths Rise
Fires That Feed Their Progress Blacken The Earth And The Sky
The Masses That Teem Below Them
Are Drawn To The Warmth Of Their Light
Come To Your Future So Bright
The Heaven You Seek Is In Sight
Just Give All And Lay At My Feet
The Heaven You Need Is Found Within Me
In Their Midnight It Is Saviour It Gives Them Faith
In Their Midnight It Is Saviour But It Steals Their Souls
They Are All Just Seconds Both In Line And In Time
Moving Forever Toward Boxes Of Pine
Oh Innocent Follower
You Of Feeble Spirit And Shallow Heart
Go As Those Before You Did
Even Though They Were Torn Apart
All Your Gods In Heaven Cannot Save You Now
It Locks The Door And Takes The Key
And Will Not Allow
Walking Out
It Will Sicken Your Will
It Will Sicken Your Self
It Will Take Without Mercy
Until There Is Nothing Else
It Will Take Your Will
It Will Take You All
It Will Take A Mystic
To Make It Fall
Shadow People
Faces Without Names
Go In Willing
Leaving In Flames
Cast Into A Manic Mission
Lead Into A Blind Descision
Thrown Into A Dark Submission
They Will Become An Omission
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