GreyGoose Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I don't give a f***, I just don't do
Pill poppin' in the club with my whole crew
Billionaire Boys Club, sweater is brand new
Like everything I do is brand new
Now I'm trippin' on that cash flow
Still the same dude with a nice flow
Flex that a**, shawty drop it real low
Shawty goes to pick up dollars all on the flo'
Lean Doer with these b****** and hoes
I'm a nice guy and it really goes to prove

[Hook 1:]
Now I'm trippin', all I wanna know
Now I'm sippin', Bacardi in the club
Now I'm trippin', like I always do
Up in the club, sippin' Grey Goose
Keep my Polo fitted, now I make noose
Turn up in the club sippin' on that Grey Goose
[Verse 2:]
Got that vodka and that orange juice
Everything I do is to show I'm brand new
I don't give a f*** what you say
Suck my f*****' d*** and who will run this b****?
Who will? Lean will, Lean will, Lean will, Lean, lean, lean, lean
[Hook 2:]
Now I'm trippin' (brand new)
Now I'm sippin', like I always do
Now I'm trippin', still the same dude

[Verse 3:]
Yeah I got that fashion with Bape shirt
And I'll have ya steam turned up, shawty and panties all free
Now I'm trippin' like I always do
Now I'm sippin', sippin' on Grey Goose
Trippin', I always seem to do
Go up in the club, but nothing's brand new
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