Scared of the Light Lyrics

I gave up on you, like I thought the world gave up on me,
I hope you know that this is for you, the worst person that I ever knew.
Scared of the light and sun deprived, and you think the world owes you;
You say you sing the blues, but you've never stepped foot in my shoes.
I've never been so blunt but f*** You.
Petty words are all your worth.
I won't pretend that I didn't feel the breaks, but I wasn't counting the cracks.

'Brothers till we die': truer words were never spoken.
Let me drown.

I never thought I would find myself being the scapegoat, and that you would find it so effortless to make horses drink water just because you led them there.
Cromwell Road will remain so f****** cold, and I will never place my feet there again.

I hold this hate close, closer than the most.
I leave you behind.
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