No Half Measures Lyrics

Your a half measure - that"s all you are to me
Your tying to be something you"ll never be
We're f****** proud let"s get one thing straight
You're nothing to us, you"re weak and a fake (you"re a fake)
Too much time wasted chatting s***
It gets too much once we turn up the heat
Where not dictating, we're thinking aloud
Expressing the view that makes us proud

I don't go shouting what lies true in my heart
I felt this true since the moment I start
I know that I wont feel the same at the end
Cos my x'd up fists will lie cold in my grave
Not true till the f****** weekend
Straight edge till I'm f****** dead
Cos all the s*** that you ever said bout' my friends and band
It"s coming back cos we...

Watch every step that your f****** taking
Its clear to us that your f****** faking
You know its your mistake
If you think its only friendship your about to break
This so called label, I gave myself
It"s not for friendship, it"s not for health
It"s for the pride that I keep inside of me
I know I'll end my life, DRUG FREE
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