All I Never Want to Be Lyrics

Your regrets are purely yours, don't tag this s*** on me
Because you're not even half of what I ever want to be

Let it be known as the truth
You make me f****** sick
Instead of thinking with your mind
You've been thinking with your d***
Of every single person that I ever expected of this
Let this be your only compliment
I never thought you'd make the list

Don't ever say another thing
Don't ever f****** look at me
Don't ever breath another word
You're all I never want to be
You've shown your true self to me
All I never want to be
Now's the time we end you and me
You're all I never want to be
And to this stage we've got, you had to see it through
And you'll always be remembered for something I'd never do
But now you've gone and blown it
Sawing hopes clean apart
Nothing personal to me
But you broke an innocent heart

I know it's no involvement or s*** to do with me
But now you're everything I've never, ever wanted to be
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