Full Time Lyrics

[Yo Gotti]
You n***** over there part time grindin and shinin and s***
This ya boy Yo Gotti yea
Get ya m*********** weight up sucker
Real hustler's don't need no sleep
[Chorus x3]
I'm a full-time hustler, I'm full-time real (aye yo)
A full-time d-boy gettin it how I live (ya know)
I full-time grind so I full time shine and
I'm full-time strapped wit a fully loaded nine

[Verse 1]
I'm startin off my day wit a tank full of gas
A clip full of hollows, a pocket full of cash
A wrist full, a ring full, a chest full of ice
And a b**** in the rental wit a trunk full of white
I was ridin behind tent gettin bent at the light
Seen the laws make a left so you know I bust a right
That's the d-boy detour switchin up my route
Check ya resource invoice the bird in the drought
Got a phone full of missed calls, beeper full of codes
One eight behind a number mean they want a half of a whole one
Fully loaded most bird punk that'll bang ya
Full-time thug and I'm a full-time gangsta

[Verse 2]
I'm full-time switchin lanes, rims spinnin, swirvin
Full-time on the grind in the North servin
Keisha and Tameka and Shanika, Marilyn
Were full-time freaks but were part time virgins
You were so blind you couldn't read between the lines
See ya baby momma slash right was part time mine and
I didn't really care about a part time hair
Or a part time feelins and chillen wit y'all chillin
I'm a full-time pimp you a part time spouse
I just burn her brains, get them thangs, throw em' in her house
I was out the frame, movin cane, runnin in and out
When them people came, know the game, shut ya f***** mouth

[Verse 3]
You a part time soldier runnin in the battlefield
Talkin loud, sayin nothin, that's how you got ya homies killed
Full grown man wit a part time plan
So you walkin round, head down, lookin for a hand
I'm a part time rapper, full-time trapper
Copped my own bricks and s*** and own my own Master's
Done the s*** myself so I can get it done faster
Promised to myself that I wasn't f***** wit you actors
Full-time boss you a part time C.E.O. from never never land
Peter Pan you's a middle man yea
Yo Gotti got the money and the power
You part time snitch and you a full-time coward

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