Chasm Lyrics

Behold of the moon
Full circle suns reflection
Silvery light illuminates the world below
Gaze upon the world of frost
Forged from the ice of ages
Dominion of winter, realm of snow

In the snow
Traces a wolf
A trail leading into the wild
Untamed and fierce by its nature

Across the woods
In absence of warmth forevermore
The soil is frozen to the core
On the shore of stream colder than ice
A tomb built into a perfection

A grave that shall never be frozen
Dark waters
Calm surface
Gives no reflection

On the river floor
Underneath the countless fathoms
In the pitch-black depth
Lies the fallen ones great in numbers
Beneath the icy flow
Buried in the lightless vault
Layed to rest into the deep
In the river of ice they sleep

What the chasm seizes the depth will keep
No deliverance gate to break free
No redemption a salvation to seek
In the river of ice they sleep
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