Storm Centre Lyrics

When the chaos and confusion take a breath
All there is to hear is silence
Ferocity and cruelty has come to cease
In a heartbeat ends all violence
Eye of the storm, ease inside of a disarray
For a blink of an eye discipline in disorder
Storm of swords
The gale of war
Soon unleashed upon us all

The breath of air
Transforming into a hurricane
A taste of dirt and b***** soil
The winds are returning
With a force immense and colossal
With haste we charge towards our fall
Despair, demise we leave behind
No honour in victory in this godless play of war
No disgrace in defeat
No dignity in death
That awaits us all
a**ault in all four fronts
Surrounded growing weak and frail
Defense broken, enemy lines torn apart
Triumph by strength and gravest hearts
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