Planets Lyrics

The lights are frozen, see them spinning 'round my head.
Planets turning, but whose to say they're really there?
Because illusions serve to trick my mind and I just wanna go out tonight.
Hate the thought of being here alone.
But there's nothing going on down the streets, now the bars have all shut down.
The Suego Faults is just a dream that I'm waking up from now.
And I'd love to watch you spin around, but I'm running out of time.

The skies been playing with kaleidoscopic fires,
(...) but I can't escape the feeling of while I'm looking left, looking right,
there's something missing out there tonight!
I never seem to find what I desire.
So I'll spill out under the frozen lights, and I'll watch them till I'm drunk.
And if tomorrow the sun should rise, a new day has begun.
But I spend my whole life spinning around and never moving on...

Come on, fight on, here's what I'm telling you.
Dream on, love songs - it's all you'll ever do.
Sooo?, you'll survive it.
You'll go spinning on your own.
You'll go spinning on your own. x4
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