Between Fellows Lyrics

We warn you that I say what I think
I'm a complete individual
I'm against communism, capitalism
Fascism and n***sm
Against everything and everybody
I hate my fellow man and he hates me
I often wonder what it would be like
To be happy twenty-four hours a day
[sample: That Uncertain Feeling (dir. Ernst Lubitsch, 1941); voice: Burgess Meredith as Alexander Sebastian)
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Tales of the Forgotten Melodies (2005)
Behind the Curtain (Opening) Que serĂ¡ Ungodly Fruit Between Fellows Hypnosis Theme Damn That Music Made My Day Where My Heart's At Birth of a Struggle Am I Free Ringing Score I Don't Know Our Dance Stay Tuned Walk the Line A Woman's Voice Don't You Remember How I Feel Behind the Disguise (Closing)