A Woman's Voice Lyrics

We have some very interesting guest for us this evening...
Hey, ok, now a song for you...

It was a woman's voice
And it was such an anguished and heart-wrenching sound
I was totally arrested by its sadness
I closed my eyes for a few minutes
And that's when the dream must have come
[sample: Another Woman (dir. Woody Allen, 1988); voice: Gene Rowlands as Marion Post]
Then the disk on the stereo twanged off and out
And in the short silence before the next one came on
She suddenly came with a burst of singing
[sample: A Clockwork Orange (dir. Stanley Kubrick, 1971); voice: Malcolm McDowell as Alex DeLarge)


[sample: unidentified]
We must go, go at once before henri catch you here
??? I thought you wanted to make the old boy jealous
Not anymore, he's threaten to kill you on sight
??? you don't think he would go that far, do you
Of course he will!
Oh, will you go before it's too late, before he shoots you today...
[sample: unidentified]
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