Open Book Lyrics

Here I am baby
I'm an open book
I know you read the story
But you need to take another look
The cold may be fading
And worn with age
Go ahead and open it baby
Just turn the page
You may think you know the story
But there is more that meets the eye
You got to read between the lines
Let me tell you why
There's always hidden meaning
And said the metaphor
Than have to read it one more time
If is first ya ain't too sure
Sometimes it's a comedy
Sometimes it's a tragedy
sometimes I feel like
it's more than I want to see
take another look, baby
oooooooooooooh, yeah.
I get tired trying
to find the words to say
sometimes I want to close the cover
and put the book away
and leave it there forever
sitting on the shelf
sometimes that seems easier
than try to face myself
It ain't the same old story
and what do you think you know
I hide inside these pages
I got nowhere else to go
take another look baby
To read it one more time baby
see how far you get
we don't know the ending
it ain't been written yet
there is allegory
and symbolism too
it means something different to everybody
what does it means to you?
take another look now baby
take another look baby
take another look now baby
take a look now baby
take another look baby
oooh ooh
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