The Love That We Once Knew Lyrics

My pretty southern lady, the time has come at last,
you used to be my baby, but I guess those days are past.
'Cause baby - You won't even call my name,
and maybe it's all a part of your game
I love you - that always is the same,
but I know I just can't take no more,
no no, no no, I just can't take no more baby, na no, no no.
There's oh so many reasons, that this has come to pass,
the changing of the seasons, and l'm on my own at last.
But I can't forget hard times gone by,
they haunt me, and God knows that I try.
But voices still scream down from the sky,
telling me - I just don't understand
no no, no no, I don't understand it baby, no no, no no.
But baby, the love is nowhere near,
we speak, but baby we don't hear.
In my heart, I'll always hold so dear, the memory of,
the love that we once knew, no no, no no.
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