Say Goodnight Lyrics

What's the matter with the kid's today
Is there something wrong
With what they're saying?
No one wants to listen does anyone have time
Everything is veiled in a cheap disguise
Kids are shooting kids on the news today
And if you ask me I'm not surprised
Look what they've created,
A monster by the age of five

Poor Johnny, he's crazy
Has problems you can see
Don't worry be happy
Now tell us what you see
They don't listen, no problem!
Homegrown from society
Just like me!
Keep spreading your destiny
And they'll follow your mediocrity
Tell the kids a bedtime story
About what life should be
When you embrace life with broken arms
And their truth can't set it free
Brought up with resistance
Condemn the world for being me!
Are you ready for the fall?
When you're not prepared
For the world at all
You thought you had it all!
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