Wormholes Lyrics

Where will I end up tonight?
Maybe that house again
Maybe the city by the lake
Because when i'm
I'm just sleeping
I'm fast to escape
Relate to feelings in mind
This has been...
This has been a collection
I have made
Wormholes connecting me through ages
I thought that you would have met me there
Well I was wrong I was deceived
To believe it now I know it's not real
Grab a hold of me
As I'm falling
Right back where I started from
Do I know you?
Do you know me?
I thought I heard you say
Meet me down by the lake
This has been
A collection that I have made
Wormholes connecting me
Through the ages
Because when I dream of you
In that house were in
In here with all these fears
Lye down and wait for me to grow old
Oh, oh sweet child
I recognize your face
From somewhere
I guess I have seen before
I knew it then i'm
Back inside my apartment
Watching t.v.
Self loathing, chained up on my couch
I'm listening
Cause now i'm so far from home
Sir can I ask you something
How the f*** do I get home
(How the f*** do I get home)
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