Intake Lyrics

Hold my hands
Yes hold them close so tightly
For so long I have felt this fear
Take deep breaths
Don't give up here just yet
You swear you endings somewhere near
I was there
Pulling into my drive way
Running straight to the front door
As to see
Her tell my family he stopped intake long before
After that
Coming from every angle
A thousand things
Running through my head
Didn't expect it now
No not now
Why it's so soon
Yet i'm still poised and offering
As I tread the living room
You held me higher
Then I thought I could climb
I'd just say no
Guilty me
I treated you like s***
And you were all I ever wanted in me
I owe you it too
Because I miss my last chance to say
That I love you
I caught a glimpse of his leg's
Collapsed in black
Leaning over the slaves
A place that I
Used to call home
(Call my home)
In that street
That, house where I came from
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