Rhinoceros Lyrics

Here's the premise:-
An opera singer dies in the 1920s
and in her will
she says that she wishes to be buried at sea
and have all of her friends and lovers and family
and cohorts all there to see her off
in a giant party.
So they all get on this ocean liner
and they go out to sea to bury her
and to throw her ashes off
and then of course, you know
they run into refugees and chaos ensues
There's a scene where they're also transporting a rhinoceros
from one place to another
and the rhinoceros has gotten sick.
It's down in the steamroom with all the workers
and one of the opera singers
is standing on this balcony looking down
on to the greasy workers below, who are sweating
and decides to sing to them
and starts singing and then one of the other opera singers comes in
and then they have a p****** match over who can sing better and...
It's all for a sick rhinoceros and a bunch of greasy workers
It's, like, classic Fellini


The sun just came out, I can't believe it
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