Day by Day Lyrics

another endless day, i could't find a way
to spend some time on writing songs with stupid meanings
i can't find a way to make some sense
my mind is such a mess, my girlfriend says i really suck
and that my thoughts i can't express
another sunny day, still i can't find a way
how to describe just what i feel
maybe my brain is holding still
if there's a better way for me to sing and play
it must be silence, i'm so poor
but there's one thing i know for sure
can't be wrong
can't belong to what i thought that i once were
can't be right
cannot fight for something that's not worth it
who's to blame
what a shame i don't really care at all

another rainy day, i can't find a better way
to give a meaning to it all
i guess my luck is very small
when i woke up today, drunk from yesterday
i know tomorrow will be the same
it's only me i have to blame
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