Land of Idiocracy Lyrics

f*** the country that just feeds irrational inquiring needs
f*** the warnings in the mornings, I won't bend
f*** the prepaid pension plan cause time always has other plans
This cycle of life is not meant for me
f*** it if there's a consequence, we might not get another chance
The bible is just a book, look at the lives it took
f*** the right wing orthodox, the replicating idiots
The goverments, the thieves and the crooks
I'm a loose cannon brat
Our lives interact
You'll never convince me to be
We live inside a box
And quickly we rot
In the land of idiocracy

f*** the grave you set for me
This body is going straight to sea
If I can't save the planet, I'll become a tree
I did so much with all my time
I'm not ready yet to cross the line
Into adolescent debris
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