The Darkside Lyrics

Come take a trip through the eye of a black man
Lookin' out at life like he really doesn't give a d***
Feel the hate and anger of a punk gang banger
Mad gun slinger, better yet a worthless n****
See the ills of life for what they are
Feel yourself pitched back from the world real far
Life is grimmer than it ever was
As your blood simmers you feel your brain buzz
People look at you like you're up to somethin'
You look right back like it ain't nuthin'
Ya don't give a f***, life is a dream
If you die tomorrow then you won't be a fiend for the green any more
'Cos that's what keeps ya tickin'
And that's what keeps ya stickin' if not for that ya might be chillin'
You live in a hell-hole, you wanna get out
But the only thing you're seein' is doubt
On the darkside
As you walk down the street your mind is in a frenzy
You look out at the world like everybody's your enemy
'Cos where you come from a friendly face is a bad sign
That person's even not evil just f*****' with your mind
So as you walk along you frown your face
Steppin' with the ghetto strut at a rhythmic pace
On a mission to nowhere, yet your walk determined
The devil's got your soul and your heart is burnin'
You couldn't give a d*** about another man's life
That's how it is, you're livin' trife
You've seen enough blood spilt to fill up the Hudson
So the "peace dude" s*** ain't sayin' nothin'
'Cos you couldn't give a d*** if your own mama died
But if you had a child, then you would cry
It's like the 3 9's flipped to the 666
All praise is due to the upside down crucifix
The darkside
A day comes when you see the light
Your thoughts become clear and you're feelin' bright
You're happy like a kid again, it must be a dream
Is it a dream? So real it seems
You're on top of the world and you've reached the other side
Floatin' through the sky on the clouds you ride
You thought you'd escaped but it didn't last
'Cos now you're addicted to the sleepin' gas
On the darkside
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