Enough (bonus beats) Lyrics

Look around and see this world we're in and what is happening
It's hard to believe that what I see, people are accepting
Everybody's got a gun, even the baby has one
He says it's for protection
'Cause he has to walk around
A private war is going down over rights to sell infection
Have you had enough, it's been too much
Have you had enough, it's been too rough
As I walked in through the door I saw a baby on the floor
Playing with a needle
'Cause her mother's getting high putting all her hopes aside
Because she can't get even
With a system that's broken and created destruction
Who's gonna take the weight?
Grandma prays to the Lord every single day
But he only helps those who help themselves anyway

These things around the way, we see them everyday
Our hearts are hardened and our minds are numb
From all the violence, where is it coming from?
It's time for us to care about what's going on everywhere
'Cause we only have one future and it's fading mighty fast
It's time to realise it's our last and only chance
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