Over Lyrics

I've been trying
no more rescue team
too much weakness, it's over
one false desire
leads and blocks the way
no more rescue, it's over

so why the hell you want from me
you take for granted all I give

no more complaints, I'll hear no more
not even one word

no more of you, I had enough
you don't deserve to share my track
enjoy your broken self-esteem
I had enough
No more running
No more hiding
No more trying
It's over

just stop your whining, let me be
embarrassment is all you give
a drama queen, that's what you are
no nerve in your heart
no more of this, I had enough
I've learned my leson, just stand back

I'll get my silence in the end
away from you

No more running
No more trying
No more hiding
It's over

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