A place for me Lyrics

in a single way i wonder
where's a home for me
haven't found that break,
the hidden nest
to give a life for you, for me
in a simple way i wonder
what is wrong with me
spent my life on roads, so many days away,
away from you, what for?

guess the dreams i've caught are not enough,
enough for us
locked you in my past, exposed,
to wipe the dust beneath my tracks, so wrong
in a simple way i wonder
what the hell i've done
bought my dreams and sold your life,
i thought we're one, one kind, one mind, one rhyme

so wrong for you, right out of you
what sould i give
to feel home...

so i'll stay out of you
in a simple way i wonder
where's the key for me
got to unlock the need, the speed
the fuel that burns inside of me

many steps to come, but do not fear, none of them
we will run together, hold my hand
i'll find a way to share one end

so wrong for you, so out of you
what should i gïve
to feel home...
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