Man on the Corner Lyrics

Can you tell me who's that man on the corner
I can tell you it's a g****** transformer
he transforms your mind and takes your soul
in creating confusion he plays the headrole
he's that guy who promises you mountains of gold
but you end up in crime, it's a story that old
you don't know his name, you're just obeying orders
he stays out of range, that man on the corner
Man on the corner, unknown to you
but spreading his disease just like a flu
if he gets you, he sticks like glue
after the harm is done, man you're through
beware of this big bad wolf in sheep's clothes
takes his prey and then he goes
he can't do you any good, he just destroys
in his criminal play, he's the viceroy
above him rules the big boss and his convoy
watch your steps when you deal with him, homeboy
allright, it's easy money, you need that fast buck
you make a deal, but after that you're stuck
if it doesn't work out, cops appear in your block
pine away in jail, they leave you like dirtmuck
and if you talk, you're the one they will trace
you will end up with as gun in your face
or threaten your next of kin, you are amazed ?
no matter how you see it, you're the one who pays
he's the winner, you're the loser, that's the case
man on the corner, foe of the human race
Man on the corner, you got my sister
talking all that c*** that you were the big mister
I should've known better from the day you kissed her
that she would end up with a face full of blisters
you did your job real nice and slow
now she's walking disgrace, being low
my family disrespects her and that's a real blow
but I remember you're the one that made her a who'
you figured out what you could take
don't you have conscience, for god's sake
I suppose you don't, 'cos your ways are real bad
make victims every day and you never regret
but still earning the profit and the bread
sometimes I wonder if I'm on the wrong planet
a large number of girls you have invaded
and to get even with you is very complicated
but I'm prepared to wait for the final hour
every possible way I'll use to get you, coward
'cos my boots are made for walking and that's what they do
and one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you
man on the corner
Man on the corner, I hate your style
you got my brother and gave him a file
he was innocent as a child, green as a leaf
until you appeared and made him a thief
it started with a small thing and it grew big
you shoved him forward man, that made me sick
my little brother is always ready to make fun
but soon he walked with a highcalibre gun
used to be an ace, transformed in a b**
lived like a crook, every day on the run
and the worst of all was not so long ago
when I discovered his pockets full with snow
you had your share very soon
'cos the cops blew him to pieces, straight to the moon
some call you dealer, pimp or bookmaker
however they phrase it, you work for the undertaker
you let the people weep when you spread your wings
but soon I'm gonna snap your strings
I used to be cool, but you created a stormer
I'm gonna get you, man on the corner.
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