The Path Unsought Lyrics

He can not eat, he can not sleep, he can not see that death is coming, I know there's nothing more I can do
In fits and dreams he speaks to me, he says these things beyond belief; I can not take his words as truth

He comes to say his piece...
I know he's travelled so far to find me in this landscape, perilous and full of unknown treachery
And now he's giving his life to tell me things I can't face, how could I betray his utter trust in me?

And with his final breath he, imparts his vital prophecy
Carry on for your generation, you are the one to guide them all
Don't delay, your time has come, lead the way into a brighter dawn
I must prepare for the path before me, ever daunting, indemnify for my naiveté
And I can no longer hide away pretending nothing, when the world is ending right in front of me


And to bring honour to his soul, I will accept this righteous role
This nameless prophet that could see, that which resides inside of me
Deep inside, I reconcile my fear
Sustain my sickening apathy for good
For the worthiest of men, but a promise escapes me
Wicked blood will run

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