The Quantum Symphony Lyrics

(An Introduction to Exopolitics and the Science of the Soul)

It has come to this...
We've been looking for the savior for thousands of years,
but became blind on the way
And the Blinds are dreaming of the color of their soul
For a daughter jumping off a bridge...
For a man screaming in the rain...
For a girl crying...

We live and die spinning in a wheel
Now look me in the eyes and tell me you never felt there has to be more to this life
Tell me we're only flesh rotting in an ocean of time
We live and die spinning in a wheel, without ever knowing who we are

The magicians are out of breath
52 years of tricks and lies
Hiding the monuments of mars
With a bunny in a hat
We've never been alone
Alone... as just one nest, in just one tree

Truth lies further from the sun
Underneath Cydonia's sands
Let go of your paradigm

For a father passing to his son
For a priest talking to a man
For a man talking to a grave
We are the strings of the quantum symphony

The uninvited came in masses
Amongst ghosts we sleep
...but what makes that we'll never be like them
Is the fact that we have these emotions
The fact that we can stand strong in front of Divinities, in tears and fists, and defy Them
shouting: ''You'll never take our wings''... because WE, mortals, have nothing in this
world... but our love
May you see the face of the truth
Find your way to the 4th door
to the monuments of mars
Above the suspicious stare of the moon
These lights are dancing in the sky....

Singing tales of the dark rift
Explaining colors to the blinds
The grander scheme of our own past
Another day to spin again
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