Mechanical Phoenix Lyrics

(A confrontation taking place on inner grounds :
Creativity VS Conformity)

Orphaned ideas, fusion with this undying snowflake
Melting...but nothing lost...
Another form...different incarnations
Brains are snowing sites
Mental skiing on neuronal paths
Sport of the dreamers
Transformation, such a natural movement
Unavoidable and so necessary
It passes...and I die frequently...to be reborn on the next moment...
Death is part of my short term cycle...for the absolute delight of Life

There's a Phoenix in all of us
Rising out when given the chance
Sweeping across dull horizons
To offer back their fire to the Grays
The universal teapot is bursting with possibilities
Let's drink more...shall we ?

Extracting the sky from your pulsating heart
Hands outstretched, gray minds, deviant strips of flesh; ingredients to a corporate form
Call me human but I won't drop it...flattery won't budge the sludge of time
Indeed...in need of some bakeries you will stand strong
But this fleeting colossus shall not prevail
I don't think so...
At the top of the pyramid...weather is far better
...and you'll never know
Keep on crawling

A perpetual flood of obligations
To douse the flaming hearths of rebellion
Taming the wilds
Flaunting the art of deception
Stabbing backs while they watch the buffoons in their act
Empires rise, Empires fall
Structures collapse and lords are disgraced
But no power shall ever strip humanity
Of its creative capacity

The sea is waiting, don't waste seashells...
What a wonderful evening

Empires rise, Empires fall
Structures collapse and lords are disgraced
But a free Phoenix stands tall

Drip your personality into my open arms
Soak your feelings into the black hole of abuse
Wash your pain unto others
Don't try anything new...it could be interesting...
What a nice machine you are!
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