Smack Lyrics

Watch out! Here it comes (*4X*)

[Verse One]
Hold it right there, your attention folks
We came here - to fulfill your hopes
But you better WATCH OUT, it might get ugly
Cause you my friend are beginnin to bug me
So here's a little smack, goin back to the grill again
Hit you in the hat like Skipper did Gilligan
So get back, before I snap like a Kit Kat
And pop you in the mouth, quicker than a Tic Tac
Bif bam BOOM like a Batman fight scene
You defeatin U.D. that was a pipe dream
Kickin you around like a hackeysack
With the beats and the raps that be action packed
I'm ready to go, I got my foot on the petrol
And if you didn't know I steal the show like a klepto
I grew up, with the love for rap
But this is combat and you're about to get smacked

I think I gotta think I gotta think I gotta hit'cha {*4X*}
Like SMACK~! You make me laugh
Talkin that way, get off the crack or
SLAP~! You needed that
We'll teach you how to act, when we go
SMACK~! You make me laugh
Talkin that way, you better step back or
SLAP~! You needed that
We'll teach you how to act
When we go smack
{*"Hit hard like the heavyweight champ"*}
{*"I'll put you in your place"*} {*"Like SMACK" - Guru*}

[Verse Two]
We used to call them perpetrators
But now if you do they'll say you're a hater
Well it's true, cause I hate you
And all of that hogwash that you do
You, jiggy rappers are a lie and disgrace
So I'm runnin up, comin with the pie in your face
Cause you pose and blow kisses, your image is fictitious
Hot junk, but you're a punk like Sid Vicious
I was born six o'clock on the dot, ready to rock
Took one look at the doc and then I blew up the spot
I move the crowd like I called in a bomb threat
You're nervous, I see your knees shakin, your palms sweat
I come equipped with explosiveness
So know the risk, or you gon' get blown to bits
On the microphone I'm dangerous as Defcon 3
And you'll find out, you never shoulda slept on me

{*more scratches*}


That's right
This one's goin out to all you cats
wearin retro jerseys with matchin hats and too much jewelry
Rockin that gangster pop ringtone rap
Watch out, yeah, you might get SMACKED~!
Mmm, in the place
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