What You Don't Know (Sure Can Hurt You) Lyrics

Good evening!
Welcome to our show
If you've got that problem
Well I think that you should know
This ain't the same old story
Or the same old song and dance
Don't speak of the faded glory
Or you won't get a second chance
I want to tell you something
I'm someone you can trust
You better take a good hard look
Cause there's a diamond in this dust
Hit it!
We're no overnight sensation
No Cinderella fantasy
Please no plaudits or ovations
I've heard it all before you see

What you don't know sure can hurt you
What you can't see makes you scream
What you don't know sure can hurt you
What you don't have is what you dream
Ain't we a pretty picture?
Ain't we a load of fun?
Don't let me influence you
I'll do that when we're done
Oh, are we irritating?
Oh, are we grating on your nerves?
Don't you know that the good boys
Never get what they deserve

Your brain is filled with questions
You don't know how or why
Don't look to me for answers, honey
Cause I don't want to lie

How'd you like it so far
Say ain't we quite a show?
There's no one else quite like us
The others all get up and go
Don't fill my head with stories
You see I ain't no debutante
Let's get to the nitty gritty
Now you give me what I want

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