Shoot 'em Down Lyrics

She looks so fine
Like champagne or wine
No one ever gets her
Oh ain't she cool
Plays us for fools
If we want to let her
Across the room she sees some buffoon
Blown away by her style
She goes out of her way so that she can play
And make him beg for a little while

She's gonna

Shoot 'em down, Shoot 'em down, Shoot 'em down,
Shoot 'em down, Shoot 'em down, Shoot 'em down,
Shoot 'em down to the ground

Like caviar
Or fine foreign car
He's a motivator
Dressed to the T's
They're down on their knees
He's a master baiter
He'll make 'em crawl for the hell of it all
He likes to see 'em cry
And then just for fun he'll say she's the one
And then he'll make her die
He's gonna


They don't care about feelings
They were meant to be stepped on
And while one is healing
They go and step on another one
Now these people prey
On us every day
Some are bad, some badder
They think we're fools
So they make their own rules
It only gets us madder
Well they think they're hot
Well I say they're not
They shoot us down for fun
If they want to play
Then let's make 'em pay
Shoot them down with a f*****' gun

We gotta

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