Zambezi Lyrics

Do you remember,
the day you said i will be the only one
cause i remember
the way you held my gaze my lovely one
I still remember
stealing all the mangoes from the farm...
just for fun...just for fun
do you remember??
do you remember
the day you let me be the only one
cause i rembember
making love to you under the sun
by the river underneath the mango tree my love
you're the one..you're the one
you're the one
awoowayee x2
your the one
awoowaye x2

do you remember
the day the soldiers came with all the guns
cause i remember
begging you to live my love just run
past the river don't you dare look back for me my love
i will come...ohhhhhhh i will come
you're the one
awoooaye x2
you're the one

i fell in love by zambezi x4

i'll meet you down (by zambezi) x6
and you can call it love
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