Pieces of Paper Lyrics

I wake up at 730 on the dot and hit the snooze b***on straight on
730 on the dot
I wake up at 8 o'clock like, "Oh God I'm late!"
Why did I smoke so much pot, man
A quick shower then I iron up my shirt
When I'm putting on my shirt
Hit my toe on the skirting board**
Now I'm jumping around like an idiot
Looking for socks and my belt and my keys

My girlfriend's in bed laughing at me cuz she starts work much later
It's quarter past 8, definitely late now
No time for cuddles, I'll see you later
I walk out my door and light one
My shades guard my eyes from the sun

I've got to get to work
I've got to pay the bills
I've got to be a man
This life is hard (x4)

So I'm half-way there
I'm putting out my cigarette,
I notice that I smell of it
I'm always on the phone, so the smell is irrelevant
The only benefit of my job is the fact that I get to sit down
I wonder why do people stare?
Why do people stare when I'm walking down the street?
Could it be the color of my skin?
The stylin' of my hair?
When I turn around, they're just staring at their feet like...

It turns out I'm late, there's no debate
My boss wants a word a bit later
(Bit later)
And people here must think I'm an idiot
(I'm and idiot)
Typical black mis-portrayed by the media
(By the media)
This world is fake, there's no debate
We work for pieces of paper
I've got to get to work!
I can't be late for work!
I've got to pay the bills!

This life is hard (x2)
It can be so so
It can be so so

It can be so so so so hard!
I'm working for pieces of paper!

Life would be so so hard (x2)
Life would be so so sooooooo

I've got to go and get that paper (x4)
Oh life will be so hard!
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