Cars, Money and Fame Lyrics

Wakin up is the worst on Monday, yeah
Cuz now the weekends gone
Sittin here thinkin bout Sunday
And how I gotta work all week long
As I look at the cars all around me
Their faces say where did we go wrong?
Yeah, so I do what I was taught to
Suck it up and just hold on
How far will you go?
How hard will you try?
How long till you know,
That life has passed you by
So what do you wait for
All the people to scream your name
Maybe lottery tickets that got the digits so you can get a house and a tricked out plane

So what are you waiting for
The cars the money and fame
You could sit and regret it or you could go and get it
Everybody lets change the game

So what are you waiting for
We already been runnin the show
You could be in the crowd or on stage gettin loud
Its time to let the whole world know

Don't wanna sit around much longer
Cuz its a waste of time
Feel the energy getting stronger
Yeah baby im on my grind
I've made so many excuses
For too d*** long
Its time to pack up my things
And just move on
How big will you dream?
How hard will you fight?
How loud will you scream,
so that you can make things right?
Yeah, go and get whats yours
And listen as they call your name
Just know there are no closed doors
Yeah this is your world to change


I was lost in a pattern I was right there
I went to sleep all up in it every night, yeah
Uh, and it was hard for me to stop
Especially the shock at the sight of my alarm clock
A new day of the same old
In the same place lookin for a change though
Ima make a move cuz I got plans
I'll be starin out at shows while we throwin up our hands

So where I'm at now, lookin at then
Bet you thought that none of this could happen
Yeah, and while im up here rappin
Takin out the beat just so I could bring it back in
Kal-El superman flow
I could fix your ears right, Vinnie Van Gogh
And when the bottom falls out, you'll be screamin out till a voice calls out
(so what are you waiting for)
And knowin what I know now
Sittin in the six speed in control now
Me and the whole crowd, we on our own now
I'm speedin up and I never wanna slow down
Trying to make you a best of
Findin my roots its a questlove
Yeah I'm on the climb to the top
We made it this far so its time you stop


(What are you waiting for) Wakin up is the worst on Monday, cause now the weekends gone
(So what are you waiting for) Sittin here thinkin bout Sunday, and how I gotta work all week long
(What are you waiting for) I made so many excuses, for too d*** long
Could be in the crowd or on stage gettin loud and its time to let the whole world know (and just move on)
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