Shapes of Afterlife Lyrics

Tie me down under the desert sun
And let it burn my dusty skin
Feed me dirt it's all that I am worth
It hardly makes me free from sin
There will come a time
I'm stealing back what's mine
Let us bathe in light
Seize the day I'm taking flight

Curse my name, shoot poison through my veins
I'll still be coming back for more
Cause I am seeing things in my distorted mind
No man has ever seen before
I'd rather take a fall
Won't give away my soul
'Cause now the seasons right
Seize the day I'm taking flight

Well I leave it all behind
Life is just a way to die
What's awaiting
After this-infinity?
Why doesn't anybody see
Hell is coming over me
Would it please you
In the shapes of afterlife
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