Drifting Lyrics

Flowers growing all around me
Making colors fade to grey I believe I'm going crazy
If it's the day I'll die won't you spread my ashes over
The exploding sky I'm gonna break this rusty cage of mine
Speeding fast I'm rolling lost in a daze
Begging for peace of my mind
It's so easy to slip into wicked ways

I'm drifting, color-blind
Well does it matter where I go, tomorrow
I don't know what to find

Cause when the day is done
I watch another sunset burning red
Until the morning comes
I hear the howling wolves inside my head
Drifting- drifting

Follow nowhere, what you seek
Is way beyond forever
You gotta give if you will reach

Any higher, do you dare
To leave it all behind
Cause I can make it anywhere
Yeah I'm drifting in time
I expect no tomorrow
Yeah I am drifting in mind
I could still be alive
How come I can see thou' I'm blind
Am I sleeping, I don't know
No need to erase and rewind
I am drifting in mind
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