Dance Electric Lyrics

I can feel a power surging
Humming in the wires
Its calling us urging (urging)
Come into the fire
Theres a chain reaction
When the music hits the streets
Theres a transformation
Of current into body heat


Dance electric
Feel all the power let the energy flow
come on dance electric baby
let your self go
dance electric
were gonna shower sparks all over the night
dance electric
join in the dance electric
come on dance
Theres a red hot circuit
in the heart of the machine
and the force thats working it (working it)
is taking over you and me (over you and me)
then it syncronizes
every movement that we make
when the voltage rises
we let all the circuits break
(repeat chorus)

Theres a chain reaction
when the music hits the street
theres a transformation
of current into body heat

(repeat chorus)
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