He's So Shy Lyrics

When I first saw him standin' there
I wanted to speak but did not dare
Something inside whispered to me
You'd better move in carefully
And then he smiled and turned away
That told me all he could not say
That's when I knew
He wanted me too
But I had to do some breakin' through

He's so shy
He's so shy
That sweet little boy
Who caught my eye
He's so shy
He's so shy
And he's much to good to let that by
Oh, yes he is

Now holding him gently through the night
Nothin' has ever felt so right
And I'm so glad I took the time
That I had to take to make him mine
He can still do things to my heart
Just like he could right from the start
Each time I see
That quality
That never stopped attracting me
(He's so shy)
So good lookin'
(He's so shy)
He's really got me goin'
(That sweet little boy)
(Who caught my eye)
(He's so shy)
I'm so glad I've got to know him
(He's so shy)
'Cause he's one in a million
(And I'll love him 'til the day I die)
Oooooh, yes I will
(Oooooh, he's so shy)
That's why I love my baby
(He's so shy)
You know he's drivin' me crazy
(That sweet little boy who caught my eye)
(I said, he's so shy)
It took a long time to know him
(He's so shy)
And I'm so glad I got to show him
That I'll love him until the day I die
Oh, yeah

(And he's so shy)
Oooh-wee, oooh-wee, baby
(He's so shy)
Oooh-wee, oooh-wee, baby
(He's so shy)
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