Greater Distance Lyrics

All the wrath and all the faith I have inside is eating me alive.

Most tend to put their dreams aside to get them through the day.
But my eyes are open, and I see the sky.
And I am infinite.
I continue on.
I will never fear the unknown,
and I am infinite.
I can continue on.
Limitless and unbreakable, the wavering wishes of man are but a whimper.
Now stand up high to come and live forever with me.

All hope is not lost.

Some things seem so far away to a half-hearted and broken youth.
Terrified of the outside and everything (in your sight).
It's just within your reach.
Everything is just within your reach.
[Far too often people give up on something that they really want to do, or to be, due to the fear of failure.]
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