Downbeat Lyrics

Days can fade, and lives can slip away.
Any song can be silenced.
It's time that we start this over.
I know what it's like to fall face down.
We've all been there before, with no life in sight. When it feels like the world just gave up, with no strength to see it through.
Raise a fist up to the sky, scream it loud,
"I'm not ready die."
A hymn for the hopeless, my song to the deaf.
I learned to push past the pain.
I've seen it before; it's never the same.
Aim an ear to the heavens
still waiting for a sign of life.
I'm gonna build this wall from brick, twice as thick,
so you cannot tear it down.
And then it rang in my head, "Love is what you make it.
Some hands we have to fold.
And the hardest lessons you will learn are the ones you've been told."

Face to face with death himself.
I know this won't be the end of me, I just know it.
You always will be my enemy.
I control it.
[Life is hard sometimes, there's no denying it. I wrote this about the times that you hit absolute rock bottom and having the strength to not only not allow it to overwhelm you, but to overcome it and persevere entirely.
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