Born & Raised in Compton (Raised as a G) Lyrics

[10 second instrumental to open]

[The Game]
Now everybody wanna know the truth about a n**** named Game
I come from the hub and every ghetto ain't the same
A lot of people already know exactly where it's at
Cause it's the home of the jackers and the crack [whispered] - Compton
Yeah that's the name of my hometown
I'm goin down, in the town, where my name is all around
And n***** just be hatin and s***, that's a pity
But I ain't doin nuttin but claimin my city
See my lyrics are double or nothin provin to suckers I can throw 'em
Pass the natural 10 to 4 and six-eight before I go
Not really into freestylin, or tryin to promote violence
But they gotta know about the five-five-fo', so
And that's how I'm livin, I do as I please B
A young gangsta put in work on these Cali streets
And everybody knows that you gotta be stompin
If you're born and raised in Compton
[quiet scratching:] "Born and raised in Compton"

[The Game]
Nowww Compton is a place, where all my n***** chill dog
'til I found out, the streets get real dog
'Bout a year ago, somebody musta wanted me to die
Cause they kicked in the door, and gave the young kid five
They musta thought that I was gon' play the b**** role
Cause I lived through fo' five six holes
But I ain't goin out like no f*****-a** clown
They found, they couldn't keep a gangsta n**** down
So here's the burner in your face m*********** silly sucker
a** clucker now you're duckin cause you can't stop a Y.G.
Gangsta, cause I'm true to my game
You're lame, and thangs ain't gon' never be the same
Cause a n**** like the Game is takin over
I really don't think I should have to explain
Oh yeah I'm a dog but my name ain't Rover
And I'm the kinda n**** that's feelin no pain
Sometimes I have to wear a bulletproof vest
Because I got the C-P-T style written across my chest
A gangsta m*********** never ceasin to impress
My name is young Game so you can f***, the rest
I'm comin like this and I'm comin directly
Cause n***** gettin all stirred up, I'm doin damage quite effectively
Rhymin is a battlezone and n***** can't win
Cause I'm a gangsta from the C-O-M-P-T-O-N
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