Let's Ride Lyrics

Pull the rag off the six-fo'
Hit the switch, show n***** how the s*** go
The Game is back, the Aftermath chain is gone
The D's is chrome, the frame is black
(So watch it lift up)
Till the m*********** bounce and break
And knock both of the screws out the license plate
Let the games begin
These other rap n***** so far behind they can taste my rims
s***, let the chronic burn as the Datens spin
It ain't been this much drama since I first heard Eminem
In the club, poppin' X pills like M & Ms
Call it Dre day, we celebratin', b****, bring a friend
Bottles on me, tell the waiter to order another round
And put that cheap-a** Hypnotic down
(Put your 'cris up!)
If you feel the same way
Who got 'em hittin' switches NY to LA

(If I could fit the whole hood in the club)
Hop in the low-rider, 'long as it got b****** in the back
(I turn it into a strip-club)
Call it a lap-dance when the six-fo' bounce that a**
(If I could fit the hole world in the club)
Tell the DJ to bang my s***, the west-coast in this, b****
(Pop bottles and twist up)
Roll up chronic and hash
In a blunt, call it Aftermath
Somebody tell me where the drinks at
Where the b****** at
You f****** on the first night, meet me in the back
I got a pound of chronic, and a gang of freaks
Move, b****! Who the f*** you think they came to see?
The protégé of the D R E
Take a picture with him, and you gotta f*** me
Then you gotta f*** Busta, can't touch Eve
Got somthin' on my waist say you can't touch Eve
That's my gangsta b****, and like Crips and Bloods
I'm in the club on some gangsta s***
(So, n****, twist up)
Light another dub
b****** get scared when n***** start fighting in the club
Ain't nothing but a g-thing, baby, it's a g-thing
Bounce like you got hydraulics in your g-string
I f*** a different b**** seven days a week
Hit the switch, watch it bounce like a Scott Storch beat

Who thought I weren't coming back?
Look at me now
Hoppin' out the same Cherry six-fo' with the m************ top down
I'm The Game, n****
Call your b****, she ain't home, she with Game, n****
Remember that, Dre, you passed me the torch
I lit the chronic with it, now the world is my ashtray
Ridin' three-wheel motion till the a** scrapes
Turn sunset into a m************ drag race
Now watch it bounce
Hit the switch, let it bounce till the police shut the s*** down
{When you hit the club)
Tell 'em you came with me
(We gonna twist up)
In the V.I.P.
It's a new day, and if you ever knew Dre
m***********, you would say I was the new Dre
Same Impala, different spokes
Same chronic, just a different smoke

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