With a Smile Lyrics

lift your head
baby don't be scared
of the things that could
go wrong along your way
you'll get by with a smile
you can't win at everything
if you can't try

baby, you don't have to worry
coz there ain't no need to hurry
no one ever said that
there's an easy way

and when they're closin
all their doors
and they don't want you anymore
it sounds funny but i'll say it anyway

girl, i'll stay
through the bad times
even if i have to fetch you everyday
you'll get by with a smile
you can never be
too happy in this life

'cause in a world where everybody
hates a happy ending story
it's a wonder love
can make the world go round
but don't let it bring you down
and turn your face into a frown
you'll get along with a little prayer
and a song

let me hear you sing it

repeat refrain

lift your head
don't be scared
now it's time to kiss away
those tears goodbye
ooh..wooh.. ooh..

let me hear you play it
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