Extraterrestrial Dreams Lyrics

Do you still see the stars
Just above horizon,
Do you still hear them cry?..
Do you wander in deserts
In the skyes of the dark,
In the dust of new suns?..

Extraterrestrial lights
Extraterrestrial dreams

And the Orion lights
Through the timeless s***e
Still reflect in your eyes..

Constellation of minds
Nebulae of your thoughts
In ethereal glow..

Extraterrestrial lights
Extraterrestrial dreams
Still reflect in your eyes..

Beyond the astral fibers
I walk alone, insane -
Blinded adherent of fate.

(and) In the heaven's realms
I am lost, though
Stars are litting the way..

Where were you
When I wandered in haze of the fallen suns?
You better not ask my name
Those isolation years
Blotted out thing called 'myself'..

You were born
Under two suns
In the world of the rains

Now you wander
in blackness alone
With your lost memories

Extraterrestial lights
Extraterrestial dreams
Still reflect in your tired eyes
Still remain in you memories..

(Still reflect in my tired eyes
Still remain in my memories..)
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