Beyond the Seventh Wave Lyrics

Been here for hours to get the feeling
Been here for days won't you return
Been here all night to watch a difference in your landscape
I got a feeling of delight
Already thought I had you figured out
So glad I ran it through the test
This dummy b***erfly just crashed against the rocks
I almost thought of giving up

You are my star
It took some time to understand you
But finally I know that you will not deceive me
You 'll be my guide
And I'll dive into the air
Fluttering high then
Feel you all around
The pattern that I see
It's just like a promise that you keep every time
In your arms I know I will be safe
I look in your eyes
Feel your love in every single vein
And know it's right
Freedom lies beyond the seventh wave
The extra tests support my theory
Just to eliminate the doubt
The calculation every time it was correct
Now it is time to face the fact
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Beyond the Seventh Wave (2014)
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