The Song of the Gremlin (Part Two) Lyrics

Death to engines in the air
Chaos take the human wing
Death to jet and turbo prop
Death to stick and death to string
Ruin the fuselage
Destruction to the aerilon
Death to the pilot and his breed
Whose daring still goes on and on
No mercy for the rudder bar
No mercy for the tail plane
A singe for the handle-bar moustache
Cremation for the bone-domed brain
Death to rockets into s***e
Chaos take the human egg
Death to telescopic sight
Death to radar and fire to flag
Ruin to portholes scarred with stars
Destruction to the airlock's catch
Death to the s***eman and his craft
It's ugly landing legs despatch

No mercy for hot-air balloons
No mercy for the thread and kite
Holes for the glider's canvas skin
Cramp for the bird man at his height.
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