Ejection Lyrics

There's only one course of action
Left for me to take
I've tried every switch selection
That might control this state
I think for my protection
I'd better make it straight
Into ejection
Better tell base, ejection
That I think it's a case for ejection
Blown into s***e, ejection
Protect my face, ejection

The radar screen's projection
Tells me I'm too late
To make a course correction
I'm about to meet my fate
No time for reflection
I'd better make it straight
Into ejection
Bust through the sky, ejection
The air rushing by, ejection
It's a case of goodbye, ejection
I'm too fast to die, ejection
When a ship meets with destruction
The captain stays to drown
But no tin contraption
Is going to drag me down
My reference intersection
Tells me that I'm bound

For ejection
Eight times my weight, ejection
Got to escape, ejection
Only one move to make, ejection
Abandon this crate, ejection
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