One Shot Lyrics

{"We'll keep climbing 'till we reach the sky"}

Top of the world ma
Watch me make this climb
I'm locked in the grind and I ain't stoppin' 'till it's mine
And I earn paper with prep control and a sampler
Cause my son doesn't take no for an answer
Labels jerk me off so much the CEO's got hairy palms
and blinding me braille to touch
What the f***

{"We'll keep climbing 'till we reach the sky"}

It went from 13 to 3 and it hurts me to see
But that's the game, I don't take it personally
Never knew we'd split
My teammates was losin' it
You know, that VH1 Behind The Music s***
Broken home, broken hearted
Life put me at the end of the story and said, "Homie get it started"
God waste time like free minutes on cellphones
About to move stock once the Wallstreet bell tones
I walk tall like (?)
Lock it like C-Block
Ignorant, that's me not
I'm climbing 'till I see top
And I can't stop
Almost empty with the clip and got 1 shot
Now I'm lockin' the target with that whatnot
But yo I'm aiming for the top, you in the wrong spot
I'm lettin' off
{"It's the only thing that the whole world is..."}

As soon as you spit your first verse these playa's are gonna hate
In my case from out the gate they couldn't wait
So f*** ya'll ignorant little p*****
I won't flush apologies twice, cause I really couldn't give 2 s****
I was speakin' well to some A&R sleeper from hell
Said he could but Peurticans wouldn't sell
Sell this m***********

{"We'll keep climbing 'till we reach the sky"}
Fat Joe came along and you scrapped your plans
Then came pun and you put a contract in my hand
Ya'll are some two-faced f****, your whole (?) sucks
Throw some loot in my face, think that Q stay shut?
You must be out your mindstate
At least find an escape before I use you to increase the crime rate
A veteran in the mind is a major league rookie
f*** the police I'd rather have the (?) book me
Q, a rapper that p*** of McJagger
Said here to split splatter
And watch while all my spics gather
Ya'll wanna drop me and put me out of comission
say it's not, but a lot would kill for my position
And all my street cats can relate to what I'm sayin'
While the more fortunates can imagine what I'm portraying
I played the hand I was dealt with a poker face
I bluff gambled and wanted to fold and leave this place
But f*** it, I've seen some go for much worse
I'm fighting for first place and tryin' to live and eat off this verse

{"We'll keep climbing 'till we reach the sky"}
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