Better You Than Me Lyrics

[Verse 1]

I was born in the borough of Biggie, bright lights, big city
And raised where the Yankees play
And thank the day that my blank way shrank away
I cranked what I say till I run to the bank with pay
Was all relative like Puerto Rican cousins
And of course settled it, recorded speaker hundreds
I kid you not, the streets are sewn with a stitch of Tony Soprano
And your sweets at home could be a witch like Alyssa Milano
Verified it all in my youth and I was terrified
By the wall of the lies and the truth
My parental guidance experiment with mental violence
Sentenced to incidental silence, is it vital yet?
My words should serve as a list of do's or don'ts
And if your world is the curve it could twist till your views get smoked
The best known equation is based on individual
And labels clone creation to collect residuals

It's all fun till someone loses life
Till someone f**** your wife
Till someone takes your sight
Better you than me

It's all fun till someone takes your cash
Till one of y'all get blast
Your life could change so fast

[Verse 2]

I'm part Al Pacino, part Roberto Clemente
Part ?, part Alfredo Al dente
Part of me wants peace, part of me wants war
Part of me wants to sleep and part of me wants to score
I burn candles to the saints and hope for a miracle
I've found breaking in cans of paint was more spiritual
I've lost a lot of faith, caused a lot hate
Flossed a lot of cake, of course I'm not a saint
But lied and talked through all the trouble I get
Try walking in my shoes, you stumble in my footsteps
I'd apologise but that doesn't change s***
And karma will get me on the turn so I have to face it
But it ain't gonna stop me, ain't gonna get sloppy
Ain't gonna let the pain drop me until the morticians box me
It's true, I'm only proving what I'm only doing
It's true too, it's lonely Q and I'm only human
[Chorus x 2]

Better you than me
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