Temptation for Hate Lyrics

How can you be so proudly ignorant of the things you do?
How can one tolerate your world of values - "How cool!"
I don't have to look for an excuse to feel like this
I'm so sorry, but all I think of you is p***
Always looking for a way to be how it's the easiest
Have you ever thought of anything but the funniest?
But I don't want to fight
Unless you get too uptight

Maybe you're not the man I know
But if nothing happens
The bads starts to grow
And that's when I'm ready to aim the bow
As much as I hate to hate -
When I hear your voice
You leave me no choice

Is it hard to believe in change?
You would need a hit by a range
It's all in your attitude
Hard to show any gratitude
In your eyes
You're alive
But in my eyes
You're a lie
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